Send in the Clowns

What an electric night at the final dress for Pagliacci. The cast is just dynamite and the chorus . . .  wow! Their caliber of singing and acting is undoubtedly the best ever delivered by an FMO cast.

The role of Nedda envisioned by composer Leoncavallo was without a doubt created with Shanna Blake Hill in mind. The imagery she creates when she owns the stage wearing nothing but a black satin slip -  singing about how wonderful it would be to fly away from her life like the birds  -  is indescribable.

Guido LeBron’s performance of Tonio’s famous Prologue that we’re going to see at the very top of the show will undoubtedly be the first of many for him. We want to see him back on our stage anytime his schedule would permit. What an absolute cannon of a voice  – and what a nice guy!

It’s also great to see Gennard Lombardozzi back on our stage. Not every tenor can do handsprings like he does in his role as Peppe! Speaking of handsprings, all of the acrobatics and juggling that you’ll see are performed by some of our chorus members who are students from Concordia. Talk about multi-talented!

How fortunate it is that in spring 2011 Fargo-Moorhead appears to be spared from yet another devastating flood. Please consider taking the opportunity to escape from reality and spend an hour-and-a-half visiting Southern Italy and experiencing the drama of the show-within-a-show that is Pagliacci.


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