FMO ad, take 32

So, has anyone here ever produced a television ad? How about written, directed, produced and played a role in one?

One of the many great things about being a part of a performing arts organization is that we spend time with some pretty serious talent here in our community.  So, with just a few e-mails flying around the past few days, we’ve been able to assemble:

Lucy Thrasher–in the role of “Beautiful Woman”

Weyburn Wasson–in the role of “Creepy Doctor”

David Hamilton–in the role of voice-over narrator

“Mac” the West Highland Terrier–in the role of “Neglected Pet”

And me, Bernie Erickson–in the role of ODD sufferer whose life is dramatically transformed after his ODD is cured with recommended treatment by “Creepy Doctor”.

Did you know one in three people in the midwest suffers from ODD? Opera Deficiency Disorder? It wreaks havoc on ordinary lives but is fully curable, simply by attending one of the amazing Fargo Moorhead Opera productions available right here!

Keep an eye on our blog page for photos from tomorrow’s filming of scene one.


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