TV ad, day 2, take 14

Day 2 went much more smoothly working with an additional professional, Lucy Thrasher. For those of you who haven’t met Lucy, she’s a reigning Soprano Diva in the upper midwest and has appeared in FMO productions countless times. (You’ll see Lucy in this spring’s production of Fidelio.)

Lucy combined with Frame of Mind Video owner Travis Jensen made for a video shoot that went quickly and seemingly effortlessly.

Lucy doing final prep for scene in front of Reineke Festival Concert Hall

There is a reason I say seemingly effortlessly. Generally I’m known as a fairly creative type. I can visualize things and have them turn out like they’re supposed to. My only problem with public speaking is that I do it too much and with inappropriate social filters.

Suddenly I’m like a cardboard cut-out. Lucy’s movement was fluid. My movement was like a newborn calf trying to stand up.

Lucy’s facial expression was compelling and authentic. My facial expression was that of a terrified seventh grader.

Lucy’s walk was that of a catwalk model. My walk was that of a field sobriety test.

Lucy’s smile lit up the room. My smile looked that of a kid who just got busted with his hand in the cookie jar.

You get the idea.

Monday is voice-over recording and final edit. Look for the ad to appear on local tv stations as well as pre-show trailer at The Fargo Theatre beginning in early October.



Lucy Thrasher (Sep 18, 2011)

Bernie, you are exaggerating! I was SOOO not a “catwalk” model!! More like a “fatcatwalk”, but ah, well….it was a rather effortless shoot, thanks to Travis, I’m sure!

David Bartholomew (Sep 18, 2011)

But what wonderful shoes! Does she have others?

Dave (Sep 18, 2011)

She does, but she would ‘only’ share the bejeweled Stuart Weisman’s for this shoot.

Just wait until you see the curvy leg stepping out of the Mercedes Benz in the 6″ Stuart Weisman stiletto.

Stunning. We will post the link as soon as editing is done. David is doing voice-over tomorrow.