That’s a wrap

The past week we’ve been sharing some photos and stories from our television ad production.

We started with an idea, loosely based on a very common television commercial storyline . . . some poor soul is suffering in a big way, and by taking advantage of our product, his life will suddenly and exponentially become better.

Day one filmed at the home of ‘creepy doctor’ and ‘mac’ the neglected dog.  The flame in the frypan was created by lighting vodka with a long-handled lighter. The exaggerated chef’s hat is made of an old sheet, and Mac the neglected dog is naturally that affectionate. “Creepy Doctor” is actually not creepy at all, and usually makes one wise-crack after another.

“Beautiful Woman” aka Lucy Thrasher instantly knew which shoes she’d wear when we asked her to be in a commercial for “Cinderella”  her bejeweled Stuart Weismans look perfect. The sassy black satin Helmut Lang cocktail dress worked pretty well, too.

The team at Sarello’s were more than accommodating. Tony and Sarah have been huge opera supporters over the years, and our success in reaching new levels of production excellence and community involvement would not have happened without their creative and enthusiastic support.

And Travis at Frame of Mind Video was better than great. He put together a rough draft, we gave feedback and he tweaked, and with only one edit we had our final product.

Look for a longer version to be showing at Fargo Theatre pre-shows starting week 2 of October.

Take a look. I think you’ll be pleased.

FM Opera TV Ad


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