Final Dress!

Last night’s final dress rehearsal was all that and then some. The level of talent in this production is second to none. Prince Charming nails a high ‘cC not once, but twice, and then throws in a high ‘e’ just because he can.

Katherine Noone and Barbara Shram absolutely nail the role of the step sisters. They are both great comic actresses who turn the characters into more of the ‘bumbling, bewlidered’ stepsisters, confused as to why life is so unfair to them rather than ‘wicked’ step sisters. The performance these two deliver is worth the price of admission alone. These local divas demonstrate they have the chops to perform on any stage, anywhere, and hold their own and then some with the visiting artists with whom they share the stage.

Opening night Friday night. A very limited number of Section 1 seats remain, and there are still prime seats in Section 2 and more in section 3. Call 239-4558 and the FMO staff will help you find the best remaining seats.

Enjoy these photos.




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