Opera at the HoDo Lounge?


It is so exciting here at FM Opera to be able to provide quality productions at alternative venues.   Although we have heard time and time again from first time opera goers that they are mesmerized by our productions, some people are not always ready to jump into a 3 hour opera.  Well, we have the perfect “operatunity” for those who are curious about Opera in the FM area!

the Face on the Barroom is set for a run of three performances this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the HoDo Lounge in downtown Fargo.  Opera at the HoDo Lounge?  Yep, that’s right!  This 40 minute opera which is sung in english, takes place around the bar!  People who attend will get to experience this drama right in front of their eyes!

Performers Mikes Skyles, Darci Bultema and Peter Halverson present two tales separate in time, but parallel in characters and theme all surrounding a painting of a women’s face on the floor of a bar in Colorado.

This is a must see! Tickets are going fast, with friday night almost sold out!

Call us at 701.239.4558 or visit www.fmopera.org



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